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No One’s Immune to Money Problems: How Three People Who Had It All Went Broke

  We’ve all heard the statement that money will never buy you happiness. Our usual response? Well, it sure wouldn’t hurt. While it may help, the fact of the matter is that money problems happen to everyone, even people with millions.  The number of people who have more money than they could ever imagine only…
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Taboo Topic

How Making Money a Taboo Topic Will Make You Broke

  I’ve always struggled with understanding why money is such a taboo topic. 99% of people avoid having important conversations around finances and in my opinion its a huge problem. I believe the phrase honesty is the best policy is especially true when it comes to money. The number of fights between family members that…
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Money Calculator

Lifetime Wealth Ratio and Other Simple Personal Finance Formulas

  While reading some of my favorite personal finance blogs this weekend I stumbled across a post from almost a year ago by J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly. J.D. outlines an awesome way that I’ve never heard of for measuring where you are wealth wise. The formula he uses is called the Lifetime Wealth…
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How to Beat The Stock Market – Taking Control

  If you trade stocks, have a 401(k), or any other sort of retirement fund then I’d highly suggest not looking at your account balance today. Yesterday was a bad day for the market overall. I don’t mean a bad week, I mean the worst single day since February of this year. Blue chips stock…
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Donald Trump Tax

Death Tax – Will Your Beneficiaries Be Stuck With A Big Bill?

Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS   No matter who you are, where you live, or how you are brought up you will never avoid two things: death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin once said: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. The crazy thing is even after you die, anything you own…
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Used Car

Seven Tips For Purchasing Your Next Car

. It’s a day you’ve been waiting for for years. It’s finally time to get rid of that old piece of junk hand me down and buy a new car. While you will forever be grateful for your grandma giving you that 1999 Toyota Camry you know it’s time for an upgrade. While your first…
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Credit vs debit vs edt

Debit, Credit, and EBT Cards Explained

There sure isn’t a lack of optionality when it comes to banking products today. It can be quite overwhelming when looking over your choices and trying to decipher the technical terms that these companies use. The types of cards they offer aren’t excluded either. While there are many I could cover the three most common…
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Make Deposits

How Small Deposits Equal a Big Payout

  Now before you even start reading this article I already know what you are thinking. “Shelby is money all you ever think about?” Well to answer your question, no and this post has little to nothing to do with money. Instead, it’s about applying a basic concept that is most used in personal finance,…
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Which Bank is Best for You? Credit Union, Online?

Banking seems so simple but why do so many people get it wrong? If you read my Top 5 Personal Finance Priorities for Your 20s then you know that this is #1 and here is why. Your banking options are limitless. You can use a small local credit union, an online bank, or a large…
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Books I reccommend

3 Books to Help Build Your Wealth

  If you’re like me reading a book always seemed like a huge waste of time. Why would I want to sit down for an hour a day and read when I could just watch something on YouTube or Netflix? This all changed in 2014 when someone suggested that I read a simple, 200 page,…
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