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Young Dumb and NOT Broke?! started out as a book with a goal of creating straight forward, easy to use, and sustainable financial advice for young adults. This site is an extension of the book, and through our articles and course you will be able to cut through the noise and useless financial advice and get you back to the basics.

Our resources will allow you to become comfortable with the topic of money and give you the ability to build yourself the life you have always wanted.

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Money can be confusing. By understanding the building blocks of personal finance, you will empower yourself with financial toolbox to build long-term wealth.

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Traveling may seem expensive and out of reach for most but what if we showed you it’s not? Read up on our tips as well as some of our favorite budget travel destinations.

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Building a financial blueprint should be 100% personalized. Take some of these quick tricks and build out a plan that you are comfortable with.

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I Need A Physical Challege… So Let’s Go For A Run

I’ve been searching for something challenging to do for a while now. I have a void that needs to be filled and I’m currently writing this after getting my ass[…]

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Positivity And Optimism Is Always The Answer

I’m going to be honest I have not been the happiest since the start of 2023. In fact, I’ve had many more negative days than positive. It hurts even typing[…]

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Most Financial Advice Is Terrible and Here’s Why

As this blog has grown you may have noticed that my tone has changed. What started out as straightforward financial thoughts (never advice because I’m not licensed to give it)[…]

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