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Fire Movement

What’s The FIRE Movement and Is It Right For You?

  Who wouldn’t want to quit their jobs right now and retire? I think it’s safe to say most people would, maybe even you. Unfortunately, that may not be realistic at this point in your life. We’ve been told since we can remember that we need to work until we’re 65 years old, then we…
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First home

Before You Buy Your First Home Read This!

  Buying your first home is going to be one of the most exciting times of your life. Chances are, you are upgrading from a small apartment, with a terrible landlord, that you pay too much in rent for. You’ve been doing this for two plus years and you are ready for the freedom of…
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Couples finances 2

Questions You Need To Ask Your Spouse About Money

  A couple weeks ago I published the article How Different Couples Eliminate the Stress of Money. In that article, I tried to drive home the fact that you must communicate with your partner, especially about money, if your relationship is going to last for the long haul. I didn’t go to in depth on…
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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trade Stocks

  You don’t have to be involved in the world of stock trading to hear news about the market. Most of you likely scroll past it on social media every day and don’t pay any attention to it. If you consume any form of media whether it is through TV, internet, or radio you have…
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Couples Finances

How Different Couples Eliminate the Stress of Money

    It’s a well-known fact that one of the top causes of a divorce today is the topic of money and the problems that surround it. In fact, according to it is a close second only to infidelity. Money is an uncomfortable topic for most and when that communication breaks down between two…
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Credit Score

Save Yourself Thousands by Understanding Your Credit Score

  Last week we talked about how beneficial credit cards can be in helping to build your credit. This week I figured we would take a step back and understand what is credit and how does it affect us? This article is a direct transcription from my book Young, Dumb, and NOT Broke?!. Basically, consider…
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Life Insurance

Is Life Insurance a Scam?

  If you have ever traveled to a major city and stared at the skyline you’ll see some of the world’s most beautiful, and tallest buildings. Have you ever wondered what is in most of these buildings? For the most part, they are usually some sort of financial institution or bank. These companies offer all…
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Credit Cards

It’s Time For You To Get A Credit Card

  Credit cards get a bad rap, and to be honest, it’s for no good reason. Maybe it stems from the dozens of letters in the mail you get advertising a fancy new card or a horror story you were told about someone going into thousands of dollars of credit card debt. While the first…
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Buying vs. Renting

Buying vs. Renting. What’s Your Best Choice?

I get a ton of questions surrounding real estate as it is one of my favorite things as well as a major part of my investment portfolio. Of all the questions I get, absolutely the most common is, whether someone should buy or rent. This seems like a simple question but it actually happens to…
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Top 5 Personal Finance Priorities in Your 20s

Top 5 Personal Finance Priorities in Your 20s

Managing your finances in your 20s can be a burden, to say the least. Maybe you just started your first salary job or moved into your own place. These life events may hinder you from focusing on managing your money and the importance of starting to save for retirement. Instead of viewing this as an…
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