Why You Should Start A Business From Home Today

Why You Should Start A Business From Home Today

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Congratulations! Yes, you reading this. You may not know this but if you’re reading this, then that means you are alive during the easiest time in the world to start a business from home.

The number of opportunities we have at our fingertips today is limitless. In fact, you are using the most powerful tool available right now to read this article; the internet.

Let’s set one thing straight before I tell you the huge benefits of starting a business from home. This has nothing to do with get rich quick schemes or making a quick buck and moving on. No pyramid schemes or pushing crappy products on your family members. What I’m talking about here is building long last businesses that bring huge amounts of value to people. In this article specifically through the internet.

Of course, all businesses don’t have to be built through the internet and I know some great local brands like Wander North Georgia that started out local and migrated there. But it is undeniable that the internet gives entrepreneurs massive advantages in this day and age.

In this article I want to tell you what starting a business is all about, tell you why you should start one from home, and even give you some ideas that I’ve seen succeed.

If you have ever had any interest in starting a business from home, then keep reading. This is a good one.

What Does It Mean To Start A Business

When I tell people that I own a small business they usually laugh. One time at a bar I told a group of girls that I have a small company online and one of the nice young ladies replied “that means he is broke”, then laughed and they all walked away.

A quick feeling of disbelief hit me then I realized that this is the norm. People think that if you start a business you need to be selling a physical product, make millions of dollars, and have a brick and mortar store. 50 years ago that was the image you got for the phrase “starting a business”. In today’s world, I would bet 80% of businesses, and even a higher percentage of home businesses, are online.

People start businesses for two reasons. The first is to make extra money, nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the only reason. The second is to follow their passion and help others by applying that passion in the form of a good or service.

Often, these two are combined and that’s perfectly fine. Realistically, that’s ideal.

That is why I started Young, Dumb, and NOT Broke. I’ll be honest, I want to build a business that makes money. But the driving force behind everything is that I want to help people with their personal finances, which I’m doing.

Am I making thousands of dollars? No
Do I have employees? No
Do I have a storefront? No

But I’m a business owner and I love what I do.

Why A Business From Home?

Have you ever dreamt about what it would be like to choose exactly what you do with your time? No more listening to that nagging boss or having people steal your food out of the break room fridge. Sounds awfully nice if you ask me.

Well, I’m not here to feed you a bunch of fantasies so get that picture out of your head. For the most part, people who start small businesses, especially ones from home, won’t ever have that opportunity. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen for everyone.

Don’t let me totally kill your dreams though because it is more than possible.

Think about this: there are hundreds of people that are making thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars from simple ad revenue whether that be on a website, YouTube channel, or even a social media account. Yes, they make content, upload it, and then get paid.

Are you starting to see how endless the possibilities are?

You add in the ability to make your own product whether it be a good or service and it’s like a bottomless pit of opportunities. Want to write a book and self-publish it on Amazon? You can do it. Want to make some sort of craft and sell it on Etsy? No problem.

The Reality

The best reason to start a business from home is that it allows you to dip your toe in the pool without diving in head first. Like I said earlier, people think that you need to invest a ton of money in order to start a business and that’s just not true.

People start businesses every day by investing $0 and instead apply their knowledge of a certain topic. I’ll go over this later when I give you some business ideas.

The question now stands; If you could start a business from home today and invest $0 and leverage things you already know would you do it? I fully expect you to be screaming HELL YES!

To prove that I’m not trying to be some sort of snake oil salesman here, I’m going to give you some examples in the next section so stick with me.

Some Ideas

Now, if you’re hoping in this section that I’m going to give you some get rich quick schemes then I’m about to really disappoint you. What I want to do is give you three examples from three wildly different people about how they are starting businesses from home.

None of these people know I’m writing this article with them included but I take a lot of inspiration from all of them.

Wichita With Love

Alyssa at Wichita With Love embodies everything I think starting a business from home should be about. She puts her heart behind her brand and it is obvious.

What does Wichita With Love do? Her main source of revenue is through clothing that revolves around celebrating Wichita, Kansas, and Women. She identifies the company as a Midwest female empowerment brand and I think it is getting more traction then she realizes.

I think that WWL is a great example because Alyssa is transparent about the hard work that goes into any business. She literally shows her audience the steps of printing her single run shirts and gives you the background story behind it all. I remember when she shared that she got Wichita With Love trademarked and was taken by how amazing that was.

She doesn’t run a million dollar business or have dozens of employees but it’s obvious that she is enjoying the journey and staying true to herself.

Power GPU

As I was scrolling Twitter a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this guy named Power GPU. To be honest, I don’t have a clue what the guy’s name is but I can tell he is running a successful business through a Twitter account.

If you didn’t know, Twitter is free so Power GPU is living proof that you can start a business with $0 invested. So what does he do?

Power GPU is what I would consider a computer and gaming nerd. The dude is smart and he is actively leveraging his knowledge of building computers to help others. In simple terms, Mr. Power takes orders for gaming and streaming computers through Twitter, custom builds them, and ships them out. He then, of course, gets compensated for his time and knowledge.

Pretty amazing huh?

I’ve been following Power for a couple of weeks now and I’ve seen him probably ship out 15+ rigs. That money can add up quickly and who knows what else he has going on behind the scenes.

Making Sense of Cents

Since I’m a personal finance blogger, I had to throw one of my colleagues on the list. To be honest, it would be an insult to Michelle at Making Sense of Cents to call us colleagues because she is on a whole different level.

Michelle is impressive, to say the least, and she opened my eyes up to the ability for bloggers to make some serious cash. Listen to this.

Last year Michelle made over $1.5 MILLION dollars from her blog. Yes, you read that right. No joke, she made a million dollars in one year from her website. I bet those girls at the bar aren’t laughing now.

Of course, Michelle didn’t start out making this sort of money. Instead, it has been a long grind that has taken well over 5 years now. She makes most of her money through her course but also uses affiliate marketing and advertising.

To most, Michelle’s profession would be taken as a joke. A blogger making money? Ha, what a joke. But she does it year after year and it’s insanely impressive.

If you want to read more about how Michelle did this then read her article: How I Made Over $1,500,000 In 2018 – Is This The End Of Income Reports?

It’s All About Growth

As a small business owner myself, let me speak to you frankly. It’s no secret that over 90% of businesses started today fail. There are hundreds of reasons for those failures that would take a series of articles to explain. If you take a leap of faith and it fails who cares?

No seriously, who cares? Yes, people may talk for a week or a couple of months but in the end, it doesn’t matter. This recent tweet summarizes my feelings towards this.

We learn the most from our experiences, whether they are good or bad. Starting a business, no matter how small, is the school of hard knocks.

Yes, there are some risk management things everyone must take into account. For example, risking most of your money on a venture when you have a spouse and kids may not be the best idea. If it’s a calculated risk then go for it.

I started this business, brand, website, whatever you want to call it, over a year ago and I have seen some amazing positive growth. Page views, organic users, and the quality of my content is all growing so what more could I ask for?

What I didn’t realize were all the other side effects that would come from YD&NB. I’m a million times better at writing, I’ve developed a basic understanding of web design and I’m getting better at the complicated world of SEO (search engine optimization). When I started this ‘thing’ I never even considered any of those. I was just concerned with the analytics.

In my article 25 Lessons In My First 25 Years, I stated I’m trying to get better at celebrating accomplishments no matter how small. If you plan to start a business from home today then you MUST do this.

Comparing yourself to peers and losing focus will only have a negative impact on your business. Focus on growth. If you’re growing, then you’re doing something right.

The Bottom Line

If you were a person that needed a little kick in the rear to get moving towards making your ideas come to life, then I hope this supplied it for you. The worst thing people can have in life is regret and there is no reason to not take a chance on starting a business from home.

I hope my examples shed some light for you on the hundreds of different things you could do or try. You don’t need to be a huge Silicon Valley CEO to be a successful business owner. Furthermore, having a successful business isn’t all about how much money you make. Yes, you need to be making money at some point but if you are helping people and you’re happy then who cares!

Lastly, make sure you are enjoying the journey along the way. Having huge goals is great (I have some outrageous ones for YD&NB) but every so often sit back and be proud of yourself for what you’ve already accomplished.

You are doing what most people wouldn’t dare to do by taking that chance and living without regret so be proud!

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