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Iceland 2

Travel to Iceland for Only $1000

    When reviewing my pre-trip article for Iceland I realized I made a critical mistake which was not giving you, the reader, the context of the whole trip so here’s the breakdown. Where: Reykjavik & Akureyri, Iceland  Duration: 6 days/5 nights  Group Size: 6 People First off, Iceland is AMAZING. The word amazing actually does…
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Iceland 1

We’re Going to Iceland! Here’s Our Budget

  Iceland, a country known for its different landscapes of lava fields, glaciers, hot springs, and volcanoes. A country I have dreamed of going to for years now and just never thought it was possible, until now. I, like many people, think that traveling is just plain too expensive but with prior planning, it can…
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Travel On A Budget: Atlanta, Georgia

Traveling on a Budget: Atlanta

  Traveling is something we all want to do and if you read my first two articles in this category, How to Find Cheap Flights 101 and Where to Stay While Traveling 101, then you are ready to go explore a new city. I want to highlight some of my travels to give you inspiration…
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Cheap Places To Stay

Where to Stay While Traveling 101

  Since you read my first article in the travel category, How to Find Cheap Flights 101, you’re now ready to book a place to stay. Times have changed, and since you’re smart, (you are reading my blog) you understand that considering hotels as your only option is for fools. Just like all of our…
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cheap flights

How to Find Affordable Flights 101

Without even knowing who you are I believe it is a pretty good guess that you like to travel and if you could, you would do it more often. Going places and experiencing different cultures is amazing, to say the least. But it often comes with a hefty price tag. One of the most expensive…
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