Category: Retirement Planning

Options To Invest In

Index Funds – Your #1 Option For Your Retirement Account – Part 5

  Over the last six weeks, we have covered a ton when it comes to a successful retirement. You know how compounding interest works, how much you need, and what types of accounts there are. Now it comes down to choosing what to invest in. This is where many people have different opinions. We’re going…
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Different Types of Retirement Accounts

Your Retirement Account Options – Part 4

  As we have previously learned setting yourself up for a successful retirement can be boiled down to consistently funding a retirement account over a long period of time. This is honestly 80% of the work but for some reason, most people refuse to do it. You aren’t like most people though and you have…
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How much do you need to save?

How Much Do You Need To Retire? – Part 3

Over the past two weeks, we’ve talked about how common it is for people to wait until it’s too late to start saving for retirement. By now, you should understand the importance of putting money into your retirement account as early as possible to give compounding interest a chance to take over and turn your…
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Becoming a millionaire

Start Saving Now to Become A Millionaire – Part 2

  Last week I introduced a chart showing a couple different retirement account stories and how Consistent Claire became a millionaire by the age of 65. This week I want to show you how this is possible for anyone, including you. Investing for retirement is not complicated but most people just don’t do it until…
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Why You NEED to Worry About Retirement Now – Part 1

  When you’re in your early 20s you don’t have much to worry about. In fact, most of you are probably just concerned with whats for dinner tonight. Should you have Chipotle for the third time this week or go get a burger? Tough choice I know. What if I told you that your decisions…
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