Blogging Goals In 2020 – Young, Dumb, and NOT Broke?!

Blogging Goals In 2020 – Young, Dumb, and NOT Broke?!

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It’s a new year and that means it’s time to set new blogging goals for the year. If you read one of my latest posts, How Much Do Blogs Grow In One Year? – My First Full Year Of Blogging, then you will already know how last year went. Here’s the synopsis: It went pretty great. This doesn’t mean we let off the gas though.

Recently I’ve noticed a push away from setting goals in the traditional sense. People will go back and forth arguing whether it works or not. Here’s my take: Do what works for you and block out anyone else. There are hundreds of ways to get where you want to go but if something is working why try the new fad? This mentality can be applied to any part of your life like how you manage your money for instance but let’s get back on topic. For me, goals work so I’ll continue to set them.

This year I did take a different approach to what I wanted my goals to be. I have shifted my focus away from things I can’t control and now will only be worried about things I can.

Pageviews, organic users, and subscribers are all important areas for me but they aren’t going to be my focus. Instead, they are going to be on putting the best content I can possible and take the steps necessary to build this business.

My Blogging Goals For 2020

Blogging is a business and a ruthless one whether you believe it or not. This is especially true in the personal finance space and I knew this coming in. You have hundreds if not thousands of websites competing for the same keywords. There will always better writers than me or companies with huge budgets and there is nothing I can do about it.

This is why I have chosen to focus on what I can control.

1 Article Per Week

The first item on my list is focused on what I’m going to be doing on the blog. Last year I put up over 100 articles and this year I’m going to cut that in half. Wait? I thought I said I was going to keep on the gas? Yes, this is true but I only have a certain amount of time and a lot of that time will be going to the second goal (don’t skip ahead and read it).

I’m still going to be posting on the site regularly and I think I can sustain one time per week. Would I love to post more? Absolutely, but I’m not going to give up quality for quantity.

Later this year I would love to have the ability to start hiring writing to help me put out content but that would mean I would need to be making a profit from YD&NB. This is currently not happening but never say never ????

2 YouTube Videos Per Week

YouTube is going to a HUGE focus for the next year. I think YouTube and online video, in particular, is the future of entertainment and learning. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world behind Google. If I am already making content for Google why not hit YouTube as well?

If you’ve watched the channel before then thank you. If you haven’t then you should check it out and consider subscribing. If you are feeling extra generous then click the button below to go directly to YouTube (subscribing takes 3 seconds).

I promised myself I was going to focus on the things I can control that’s why I’ve committed to two videos per week for the whole year. This is a huge commitment but I know it will be worth it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a subscriber goal in my head so make sure you click the button below and help me get there.

There are also benefits to YouTube besides being another outlet for content. The most important to me is that it makes me a better communicator. I have dreams of giving talks or presentations one day and every YouTube video is practice towards that. In the short time that I’ve been uploading my videos have gone up 100x in quality. This is partly due to better equipment but more towards me getting comfortable speaking to a camera.

2 New Online Products

I want to continue to teach people but I’ve often found that a single article may not help them as much as I wish it would. Could they read every single one and it be beneficial? Of course but nothing is in order and may not give the direction that someone desires. This is why I want to launch two online products in 2020.

The first is called Money Made Easy – A YD&NB Course, this course is going to take you through step by step on how to manage your money. This course is designed for beginners and intermediates and includes over 10 hours of content. I truly believe this course will make people a millionaire in the future by teaching them the fundamentals of money.

The best part? Once you buy it you get it for life. As the course grows older I will continue to update it and add more content. This will drive the price up because more value will be included. If you want to be the first to know when Money Made Easy comes out (early April) and get a discount make sure you take our Money Personality Quiz by clicking the image below.

The second course is honestly not planned yet. I have ideas but nothing is set in stone. What I do know is that it will be a small course with a specific need. For example, managing student loans, using credit cards for travel, etc. I’m going to take the feedback from Money Made Easy and see what people need help with the most.

I should also mention there is an opportunity for people on my email list to become affiliates for the course. This means if you refer someone to the course you make money and who doesn’t like making money? Bottom line.. be sure to take the Money Personality Quiz.

Give 2 Talks/Presentations

My last goal for YD&NB branches off of my YouTube comments. Last year I went on the Wichita Life podcast and absolutely loved it. This year I want to make an effort to get out from behind the computer screen and help people in person.

Whether this is visiting my old high school and talking to a financial management class or giving a presentation of starting a small business online. Anything and everything excites me. This is something I can control more than I think. When Landon graciously invited me on Wichita Life is all started with a simple tweet putting it out there that I wanted to do some sort of podcast.

I know it’s possible and I’m going to do what I can to make it happen.

Some Personal Goals

I want to also throw in some personal goals because why not. I think it will be fun to express these to you and maybe motivate you to set some yourself. These aren’t all of my goals just a small sample.

For one, I want to run a half marathon (at least). To be honest, I hate running, it’s not fun and bores me so why a half marathon? To put it simply it’s the challenge that pulls me in. I have been told I can’t do it and I know it would be a mental push. These are two things that motivate me so a half marathon it is.

On the financial side of things, I want to finish paying off my truck. Yes, I took out a loan on it and I don’t regret it in the slightest. I have roughly $5,000 left to pay on it and I’m going to make a lump sum payment to get rid of it, once and for all.

Lastly, I want to acquire another rental property. Last year I sold the first property that I house hacked in 2014. It was a great deal and I’m glad I sold it but the hunger is there to do it again. I have already begun the search and figuring out the financing options. I think this just comes down to finding a property that I like.

The Bottom Line

Well, those are my business as well as some personal goals for this new year. Setting goals may not be the ‘thing’ anymore but it has worked for me over the years so I’m going to stick with it. I believe that shifting to things that I can control and put all of my efforts into them will be a gamechanger. Only time will tell though.

Speaking of sticking with it I have mentioned in the past that I use an accountability partner to help me reach these goals. We share everything together and call each other once a month to go over them. I can honestly say without my accountability partner I wouldn’t have accomplished most of the things I have. It makes that much of a difference.

Did I mention he lives in another state? It’s a pretty easy thing to start with a friend and I’d highly recommend it. Check out my article: Accountability Partner – The Hidden Secret To Reaching Your Goals to learn more.

There is nothing left to do than put my head down and get to work. This business isn’t going to build itself. Here’s to a great year and making content that can continue to bring people value.

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